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7-Day Integral Mondo Zen Sesshin - led by Doshin Roshi - Loveland, CO - November 9-16, 2013

Starting Date: 09-Nov-2013


The Integral Mondo Zen Retreat is designed for students who want to experience the Mondo Zen dialog process within an Integral context, based on Ken Wilber's theories.

We are delighted to return to The Sunrise Ranch Retreat Center for this event.                                                           

In addition to the Integral conceptual framework and setup, Integral Mondo Zen™ Retreats include two additional processes that are not part of other Mondo Zen™ Retreats:

  • A Conflict Liberation Process where we identify an inner conflict that is present in our lives from the perspective of an un-enlightened ego.  This process is based on Carl Jung's Transcendent Function where an unconscious content (the side of the conflict often unseen by the ego) is brought into consciousness. In this process, a skilled Zen teacher looking from witnessing mind (a more enlightened ego) is able to skillfully facilitate the illumination of the hidden shadow.  Later during the Integral Mondo Zen™ Process, this greater clarity leads to greater liberation.
  • We also use Integral Voice Dialogue to lead us more gently into the unknown depths of the psyche beyond the relative structures of personality.  This sets up the Mondo Zen™ Process itself. 

 There may be a requirement for some pre-work before the retreat, this will be updated soon.


The cost is $700 per person.  
You will be asked for a donation at the end of the retreat to support the teaching. 

*Private rooms are available.  The fee for this is an additional $150 for the week. 

If booking outside the US, please try via our website. 

Contact Kevala if you would like to pay by check or have problems with the online booking.

   Bedding and towels are provided. Participants will have shared rooms and bathrooms.

 Please arrange your flights to arrive at Denver International Airport before noon
We would like everyone to be on site by 4pm.   
Travel time from the Denver airport to the site is at least one and a half hours.  
Departures should be scheduled for mid afternoon.



Cancellation two weeks or more prior to the retreat, either:
• Receive a 90% refund, or
• Transfer your full amount to another retreat.

Cancellation within two weeks prior to the retreat, either: 
• A 50% refund, or 
• Transfer your paid amount, minus a $50 processing fee, to any other retreat. This credit is valid for one year.

Cancellation the day of the program, or if you do not show up at the site, or if you leave during the retreat: no refund or credit will be given.  (Your fee will be used to pay our obligations to the site or for scholarships.)

(Consideration will be given for emergencies.)


  60-day practice program     

                We have found that support after the retreat is important, to imprint this practice in your life.
           After the retreat, you may voluntarily make commitments to join the practice program.
We form small groups, led by priests or senior practitioners,  to support each other in the practice.  
The fee is $180 ($3 per day.) 

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