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Dai Ki Inzan Tessa Martin

United Kingdom  

Dai Ki Inzan, Great Potential Hidden Mountain, took Jukai with Jun Po Denis Kelly at Venwoude, Holland, in September 2011 and then Priest Ordination with Doshin Hanya Michael Nelson in Gayles Retreat Centre, UK, in August 2015.  Her spiritual journey began in her teens (although she did not realise this) with a fascination for “other” cultures and querky lifestyles and an almost obsessive rejection of her own roots which, of course, led her into deep trouble.  

Crawling up out of the mists of despair, she became an Iyengar yoga teacher and has continued to teach and practice for eighteen years now.  She was also introduced to Buddhism via a Tibetan lineage and spent eight years studying and practicing this.  However, once introduced to Ken Wilber and the whole integral approach to spirituality and all things personal growth, she realised the scope of this particular Tibetan group did not suit her.  She came across Jun Po via Integral Life - one retreat and the Mondo Process and she knew she had found her home!

Under the umbrella of Integral Mondo Zen UK, she has her own local sangha, “Newbury Integral Zen,” and leads zazen and Qi Gong in her home yoga studio once a week, conducts the Morning Service and zazen weekly, and offers a morning of practice on a Sunday once a month.  She also facilitates the Mondo Process over Skype and considers all of these activities to be in the service of sangha building and furthering what we are up to.  Having been instrumental in the setting up of the UK Sangha, she continues to lead, participate, and support all its activities.

The Mondo Process, Women Within, and Doshin have opened her eyes to “shadow” work, trauma work, etc., and she is increasingly drawn to develop skills which may help her grow herself and grow as a facilitator, the outcome of which will be a mysterious unfolding.  Nothing matches her delight in serving, leading, teaching, and helping others and watching them open up in wonder and evolve themselves!

She loves to dance the five rhythms, salsa, modern jive, bachata, and especially dancing the blues!  Moving from stillness to stillness every time!

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