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Fushin Reimyo Eva Hermogenes


Eva Hermogenes (Fushin) began her studies of Buddhism in 1993 with Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz and received her first dharma transmissions from this accomplished siddha master. She received the Kalachakra empowerment in 1997, along other Vajrayana teachings and empowerments. She began teaching meditation and Buddhism in 1998, soon after becoming a student of Gangaji, in the nondual Advaita/Vedanta tradition of Papaji and Ramana Maharshi. Eva also received teachings and empowerments from the Ripa lineage of the Nyignma Sect of Vajrayana Buddhism from His Eminence, Terton Nakhma Drimed Rinpoche.  

Eva continued to teach and practice a blend of Vedanta and Buddhism, working with and receiving teachings from a number of secret or notable teachers. She met Junpo Roshi in Colorado at a Naropa Buddhist Conference in 2009, where she playfully took on the challenge of doing dharma combat, or Mondo, with this American Zen Master, not expecting him to blind her with science (the bright dharma of Mondo Zen.) That transmission received, Eva then turned her silly persona to the discipline and delights of zen, where she finally found her freedom. 

The San Diego Blue Sky Zen Sangha was founded in 2011, shortly before Eva was ordained as a Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest in the Hollow Bones Lineage by 83rd Patriarch, Abbot Junpo Denis Kelly Roshi. Our sangha has a handful of local members, including five who have taken jukai vows. We meet weekly at our small zendo in San Diego for zazen, chanting, services, and interviews. We also do activities over Skype. In addition, Eva conducts weddings, officiates ceremonies, and offers Quarterly mini-sesshins in Southern California.


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