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KaiJin Hannya Emily Klein

Colorado   Integral Zen

Insight, compassion, and service are the foundational elements of KaiJin Hannya’s Zen path.

KaiJin was first introduced to Zen 14 years ago, but instead of choosing the Zen path, she chose to stumble through 12 years of new age spirituality before entering a Dark Night of the Soul.  In the midst of this crisis, KaiJin moved to Denver, met Doshin Michael Nelson, Roshi and immersed herself in the Integral Zen community.  Here, KaiJin developed a serious meditation practice.   She experienced the Mondo Zen process as a profound continuing practice and deepened her knowledge and application of Integral Theory.  She began doing many forms of deep shadow work with skilled facilitators and worked intimately with the core sangha at Integral Zen. 

Now, as a Zen Priest, KaiJin lives the Five Training Elements and the Four Awakened Vows. She continues to do shadow work and apply integral theory.  KaiJin currently facilitates the Mondo Zen process and leads activities and services at Integral Zen in Colorado.  Here, there is just this….

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