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Myoshin Seido Stefan Schoch


I was raised as Stefan in an atheistic family, with no spiritual or religious influence but with a very rational-minded worldview.

Many years ago (ignited by a personal crisis), I began my "spiritual search" (without explicitly naming it this way), encountered some Buddhist groups and western neo-Tantra practices. I found out that there "was something about this spiritual thing" without really being able to name what this could be or even to integrate these early experiences into my rational worldview.

Eventually, I stumbled into Ken Wilber's Integral Philosophy. Suddenly a completely new, integrative view was possible: the rational worldview and the spiritual experiences could not just exist peaceful side but side, but a true integration of both parts of reality began to emerge.

When I then met Jun Po at my first retreat, it was immediately clear - finally I'm home. From then on, things went quite quickly: doing more retreats, co-leading retreats with Doshin in Germany, and engaging quite often in facilitating 1:1 Mondo dialogues and group workshops in Germany.

So it felt just natural to take Jukai in 2015 and ordain as an Integral Zen Hollow Bones Priest in 2016.

Today I work as an Integral Master Coach both with individuals and organizations. Doing this from a Mondo Zen perspective and bringing more consciousness into the world fills me with deep joy and gratitude. Swaha!

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