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Shokan Mui Erich Moraine

Wisconsin   Still Point Zen Center

Ordained by Roshi Meru Danda in December, 2012, Shokan has a private counseling practice, is trained in Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy, Esoteric Healing energy work, NVC, ZEGG Forum and greatly values the elegance of the Mondo Zen ego deconstruction process. 

He's been married to a very patient woman since 1984 and has three amazing adult daughters who've taught him more than he can remember. He is self-employed as a scientific glassblower building chemistry and physics research equipment out of glass. His country home is shared with various chickens, a dog, a cat and the huge night sky. On Thursday nights Shokan can be found at LCUUC in Hartland, WI, chopping wood and carrying water for the Kintsugi Sangha.

Like many of us, Shokan's path has been a bit wobbly and indirect. His search began in psychotherapy and the men's movement in the early 90's. Both communities offered wonderful tools for personal exploration and growth. In time those tools gradually became less effective, and the search continued. At one point Doug Szper (Roshi Meru Danda today) offered Shokan a session of what is now called Mondo Zen, and they began sitting with Meru to explore this delightful intersection of psychology, psychotherapy, and Zen. In time Junpo challenged Erich with the dharma name Shokan. Meru Danda then raised the bar even higher in 2012 with an ordination name of Shokan Mui meaning a man of no rank with clear insight.

Erich believes in searching out the truth behind the teaching and that the highest form of expression is compassionate honesty. We are all travelers trying to find our way back home. The challenge and the beauty of the awakened life lies in what happens to us as we stumble hand in hand down that path.

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