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2018 Mondo Zen Manual 2018 Mondo Zen Manual

Sutra Book 2012 Sutra Book 2012

Eight Brocades Qigong Eight Brocades Qigong
A DVD of the Eight Brocades Qigong by Suzanne Friedman is available on Amazon.

Buddhist Wedding Ceremony Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

Code of Ethics Code of Ethics
The purpose of our Ethics Policy is to support a culture of integrity, trust, and openness based on reason and fair-mindedness. The core principles are broadly shared human fundamentals; as such, they are trans-cultural and trans-religious. These key concepts and principles guide us in establishing what actions help or harm sentient beings and our environment. The Truth, Ethics, & Reconciliation Council (TEAR) will be selected by the Roshis. Use the Contact Us link to report issues to the Abbot.

Cyber Sangha Practice Program Cyber Sangha Practice Program

Know-No Kata Know-No Kata
When we face situations in our lives and emotion arises, there is also a physical reaction, a habitual contraction triggering us to fight, flee or freeze. When we retrain ourselves to recognize and interrupt that contraction, we discover we have other options. This Kata is a physical interruption and transformation of the physical/emotional contraction that we previously experienced as violent anger, shame, or dissociation.

Morning Service Morning Service

Truth & Reconciliation Ritual Truth & Reconciliation Ritual
Invite all who want to be there; this communicates a willingness for this process to be open and transparent.